What To Do in Case of Burns & How To Treat It

The sun is one of our main sources of life. On the other hand, the effects of sun and heat in excess, can be harmful to our health. For example, in 1995 a heat wave in Chicago claimed the lives of 500 people. There are even more extreme cases: in August 2003, an unprecedented heat wave in Europe killed almost 50,000 individuals.

It is always good to stay hydrated, but when heat strikes, it is essential. When the heat is excessive it will also be good to avoid the intake of alcohol, which dehydrates us, as well as caffeine and excess sugar. It will be essential to stay in cool places, away from the sun’s rays and with sunscreen applied to the parts of our body that are exposed to sunlight.

Never leave children locked in a vehicle if you can not supervise them. Wear light clothes and light colors. Do not expose yourself to sunlight between 11 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. Protect yourself as much as possible, the effects of the sun and extreme heat can be devastating.


American climate

In spite of what some believe, summers in several areas of the United States become very hot. When it comes to heat waves and high humidity, our body can have difficulty cooling itself. This can happen more frequently in children and in elderly people, we must take special care with the elderly and the little ones.


More suggestions

It is always good to use sunscreen, even when the day is cloudy or when the heat is not excessive, but in the case of summer days of high temperatures, sunscreen is a very important factor in preventing injuries, burns and cancer. the skin. If you have been exposed to the sun during a heat wave and burned more than healthy, it is advisable to refresh the skin as much as we can.



The sun, when it is not counted on the adequate protection, can cause burns of first and second degree. In case of suffering one of these burns, it will be very important to apply fresh water and / or ice immediately. Once the skin is refreshed, the ideal is to apply a product that helps moisturize the skin, such as Aloe Vera. If blisters have come out, itching may occur, and it is recommended not to scratch.

Since we are talking about burns, this can be a good opportunity to review some tips regarding the burns caused by the fire itself. These burns can become fatal and it is good to have information about it, both to prevent and to know how to proceed in case of an accident.


The fire

Fire is a fundamental resource for life; It helps us control the temperature of our homes and is a key element in our diet. As we all know, fire can also be a problem, in some cases fatal. Unfortunately, both fires and burns in domestic accidents are very frequent.


In case of fire

One of the most important things in case of a fire, will be to know the emergency exits or alternatives of the place in which we are, be it a house or an office. Once the smoke begins to spread, it can be difficult to see, and this is why knowing in advance what are the options to get out will be very helpful.

Main issues to consider: do not use the elevators and in case of being hit by the flames, throwing yourself on the ground and rolling over ourselves to get rid of the flames are the best ways to proceed.


More tips

If you are in a room or an office with the door closed, and a fire has been declared in the building, it will be good to keep the following in mind: if you see that smoke or heat is coming in from under the door, do not open it If you see no smoke or heat pass through or under the door, place your hand over the door, and if it is very hot, do not open it either. If you have not noticed any of these signs and have opened the door, if when you do you feel a wave of heat, close the door immediately and stay inside the room that is still safe from fire.

Another tip that will be useful to keep in mind will be that of staying crouched in front of a fire situation. The ideal will be to stay as close to the ground as possible. During a fire, the intoxicated air and smoke are as dangerous as the fire itself. Naturally, the smoke tends to rise, meaning that the longer we can stay crouched, the better.


What happens when we can not leave?

In case of being caught as a result of the spread of the fire you will have to shout for help, out the window and also calling 911 as quickly as possible. It is not advisable to hide under beds or inside closets, it is important to be in a place where our rescuers can find us quickly. The ideal will be to stay next to the nearest window until being rescued. You have a rag, a sheet or a towel in your mouth to not breathe the toxic air, it will be good too. If this cloth is wet, it will be even better.


Fire and clothes

Fire and our clothes can be a dangerous combination. Whether during a domestic accident or a fire, the most effective thing will be to throw ourselves to the ground, cover our faces with our hands and roll over ourselves. This will be the most effective way to put out the flames and not burn us.


What to do in front of a burn

A burn can be electrical, thermal or chemical. What is recommended first after an accident of this type is to apply fresh water in the area that has been affected. In principle, this will help minimize inflammation and relieve pain.

Specialists advise to ignore the theories of home remedies, such as toothpaste, ensuring that initially it will be best to add only water.


Types of burns

Burns can be categorized into three: first, second and third degree. The first are the mildest and the most frequent. This type of burns causes redness of the skin and burning.

In second-degree burns, in addition to redness and more intense burning, blisters appear. It is not recommended to touch these blisters, let alone try to burst them.

Third-degree burns are the most serious. These can destroy tissues, moving into the deeper layers of the skin and in many cases you will see fat, muscles or bones. When a burn of these characteristics occurs, it will be necessary to leave immediately for the nearest hospital.


If burned by a third party’s negligence

In case of burning due to a failed product, be it a car, a lamp, a blender, a washing machine or any other device, you may be entitled to receive compensation. Similarly, if burned with a hot drink that did not meet the safety requirements or warnings. The same would happen if your home caught fire as a result of an accident caused by a defective product. If you were harmed because of a product in poor condition, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer.  Remember, justice is everyone’s right.