How To Get into Law School with a Low GPA

Most students believe that a low GPA can drastically dent their opportunities of going to a reputable law school. The good news is that not everything is that much limited: most law schools are governed by two most vital things: GPA and LSAT score. So it’s absolutely possible, you can get a good law school and achieve your dreams if you stick to this article. In fact, every year hundreds of applicants are admitted into some of the most prestigious law schools all over the world. 

Getting low GPA puts you at a slight disadvantage due to the stiff competition, particularly from higher-ranked schools applicants. Are you among law school applicants who scored below 3.5 (basically considered below-par GPA)? Chances are that you will be trailing behind scholars in the process of admission. But it’s of utmost importance to concentrate on other admission process parts to make your application stand out as well as give your dreams a good shot. Here is How To Get into Law School With a Low GPA:

1. Get high LSAT score

Of course, LSAT is you saving grace in this situation. Whatever the reason might be for your low GPA, you must overcome that for your LSAT. Priory starts the preparation by referring to best studying materials, join good resources such as QS LEAP online study groups and ensure that you pass as many practical tests as you can. Because LSAT greatly influences the admission process, getting a good score in the exam might probably offset your low GPA. 

2. Get strong recommendations

Go for the best recommenders around your town. If you consider working as a specialist, your immediate supervisor will speak volumes when it comes to your work. If you aren’t working, let it be fixed by a professor who witnessed most of your academic achievements. 

3. Tidy your application

Come up with an exemplary resume as well as a personal statement. Highlighting some interesting things in the application can push the admittance committee to sit up as they salute your presence. Don’t ever mess on this if your GPA is low. 

4. Aim for higher and wider applications 

The fact is that you scored a low GPA thus you have to spend some extra dollars to apply to as many law schools as you can. Apply to several schools in order to grant yourself best opportunity. Consider applying to a few top-ranked law schools, a number in the middle range as well as some where your score is stronger than a historical data. 

5. Take extra courses

If you really want to demonstrate that you are an academically inclined student, a few additional classes will not hurt. Although it might not impact your overall undergraduate scores, a great score on some of these courses showcases your ability to effectively perform in any academic setting.



Applying to law institutions with a low GPA than expected isn’t that ideal, but it ain't the end of your world. It requires patience, discipline, and hard work as well as setting realistic goals and incorporating every above strategy into your process of application.