What Should You Do After a Traffic Accident Occurs?

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Car accidents, unfortunately, are unforeseen events that can occur under any circumstance: when we go to work, we visit friends and meet with the family for the holidays. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA notes that each year, about 2.35 million people are injured in traffic accidents. And fatal accidents continue to rise alarmingly, according to the authorities. Our accident attorneys also understand the concerns and difficulties of people who have gone through this complicated situation and have already won several cases.


1. Take a deep breath and remain calm

After a sinister road it is fundamental that we maintain the tranquility, to be able to face the situation immediately, thinking clearly. If you are calm in the face of such an unforeseen event, you are more likely to make no mistakes and not get involved in a situation of conflict with the others involved. To keep calm, we suggest simple actions, such as: count to ten, breathe deeply, use visualization techniques, dialogue and, above all, listen.

Remember: The other parties involved in the car accident are as or more distressed than you are.


2. Call 911

Did you or any of the victims suffer an injury? If you can get out of your car, do it very carefully. Call 911 immediately to request medical assistance. It is key that you communicate with the emergency service because you have to make sure that you, your loved ones and the others involved see a doctor after suffering a road accident. Even if it does not seem to have serious injuries, because some manifest days or weeks after the incident. Keep in mind that a doctor’s report will be very helpful when you move forward with your case. Take note of emergency personnel who assisted you and keep records of all medical reports.


3. Call the police

Just as it is important to call 911, it is also important to contact the authorities as soon as possible. The police will initiate an investigation of the incident. You will need the official police report on the facts, as it will be very helpful if your case reaches the court. Collaborate with officers, take note of their names and patrol number, and request a copy of the report.


4. Avoid more accidents

Once you have recovered your calm, move to a safe place so as not to obstruct traffic. To take care of yourself and others, turn on your emergency lights and use other items such as cones.


5. Stay on the scene

Never flee or stay away from the scene because, in addition to being morally and ethically wrong, doing something like this is a crime. Stay there until the police and all the parties involved leave.


6. Take notes about the damages and the plates of the cars

Write down the data of the other people involved and try to obtain information about the licenses, plates (plates or license plates) of the drivers. If someone does not own the car, ask for the owner’s information and relationship. Talk to witnesses in the area, if there are any, to get their contact information. If you can, take pictures of the scene of the events. All the data that you register will be very useful for the claim that you will present to your insurance company and for when you contact a lawyer to help you with your case.


7. Do not assume guilt

Let the authorities determine what happened and evaluate the evidence of the facts. If you are afraid or nervous, try to stay calm and do not assume guilt ahead of time. Try to be friendly and just collaborate to give information to the police and your insurance company, to which you must also report what happened immediately.


8. Contact your insurance company

Contact your insurance agent or broker as soon as possible to tell you what happened. If you think there was not much damage, call your insurance company because it will help you start the claim you will start with the company.


9. Do not sign any document or paper

Pay attention to what is requested and do not compromise signing documents or papers, even if they offer money in exchange. Also, do not give information to anyone other than the authorities, your insurer or your lawyer.


10. Consult a lawyer

In the United States, each place has its specific laws that can be complicated when dealing with insurance companies and take legal action to receive the compensation it deserves. Many times insurers also offer us less money than we should receive. Therefore, after suffering a traffic accident, one of the most important things is to contact a lawyer immediately.

After a car accident, pain, stress and confusion can make our reactions difficult. It is also true that everything gets even more complicated when one does not know the laws and procedures.