5 Ways to Prevent Car Accidents

Although the parties are to enjoy with our loved ones, it is one of the most dangerous times to drive on the road due to the alarming increase of cars on the streets, the consumption of alcohol and other toxic substances. Therefore, it is very important that we are aware of the risks that exist when driving during these dates. Below, we provide a series of useful tips for you and your family to arrive safely to share the holidays in harmony.


  1. Plan and make sure your car works

Before taking a trip and a few days in advance, take your car to the garage for an expert review. Checking the state of your car will not only prevent delays, but also accidents. Check the air of the tires (or the tires), the oil levels, the brakes work properly, the type of lights you will need, etc. Do not forget to bring a spare tire. If your car fails and / or has problems, travel through another means of transport (bus, train, plane or borrowed car).

Keep in mind that to have resolved these types of issues, it is very important that you plan your trip in advance. If you do not have time to do so, ask someone in your family, friend or loved one to help you with this.


  1. You should always wear a seat belt

Do not forget to use the belt! This advice is not only for the time of the holidays and for when the traffic is complicated. You should always use your safety belt to reduce the risk of serious injury during a car accident. You should also make sure that those who travel with you buckle up. It is proven, and we have already explained it in other posts, that the seat belt saves lives .


  1. Keep calm

Be a responsible driver and do not consume alcohol or other toxic substances that may affect your performance at the wheel. On the other hand, finding roads full of cars and reckless drivers at this time of year is more likely, so be patient and keep your sanity.


  1. Be alert and pay attention

If you are going to have to spend many hours in the car to get to your final destination, rest before going out on the road. Being awake for many hours can affect concentration at the wheel. Also remember that driving while under the influence of alcohol is detrimental to you and the other passengers.


  1. Respect the road safety regulations

Although road safety rules may be the least fun part of parties, make sure you and your loved ones can celebrate in peace by being prudent when driving. Respect the speed limit, the curves, the other drivers and the vehicles that go in front of you.


  1. Important: pay attention to the weather

It depends where you go, it will determine how you should prepare better. Drivers in states such as Florida, Georgia and Alabama do not see much snow or ice on their roads, but may have to deal with other weather hazards such as heavy rain, hail or sleet. These climatic conditions can complicate the trip a lot.