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In early 2024, we acquired this blog from its previous owners and are thrilled to continue their impactful legacy. I’m Edward, and I’m here to guide you through our commitment to providing accessible law content that aims to assist anyone seeking understanding and support.

With a decade of experience working in the law industry as a practicing lawyer, I’ve gained valuable insights into the complexities of legal matters. Now, having transitioned from active practice, I am the proud owner of multiple law informational websites on the internet.

Throughout my years in the legal field, I recognized the importance of addressing the financial implications and common concerns surrounding legal matters. This realization has inspired us to maintain this platform, with a goal to offer assistance in both business and personal matters.


It’s crucial to mention that, at present, we are not operating as a legal practice. The information presented on this website is intended solely for educational purposes. We remain dedicated to upholding the ethos of the blog, ensuring that our content remains comprehensible and accessible to everyone seeking assistance in the realm of law.