What The Law States About Pit Bull Dog Attacks

There is a great controversy regarding Pit Bull dogs. On the one hand, there is talk of more than 25 reports of attacks on people by these dogs every week and one person killed every 13 days. Most Pit Bull dog attacks are not simple dog bites, but often require hospitalization, and in the last 7 years these attacks have increased their incidence by 830%.

On the other hand, there are those who defend these animals, claiming that the supposed aggressiveness is not genetic and that they are not “brave” dogs by nature, but that they attack because of bad owners, of people who do not care for them or educate them as they should, and that therefore, it is unfair to demonize the pet.

Recently, in the northern neighbor, Canada, a controversial law was approved according to which the people living in Montreal could not acquire or adopt dogs of pit bull race, and those who already own one would have to adhere to a series of norms to be able to stay with your pet. The law generated very divided opinions and protests throughout the world, especially in social networks, and was finally suspended indefinitely. However, there are many people who support drastic measures for greater control of these dogs that would prevent injuries and tragedies.


In the United States, the controversy continues

Here in the United States, there are organized groups on both sides of the controversy. On the one hand, there is a group that is promoting celebrate October 22 as the National Day of Awareness victims Pit Bull Dogs ( National Pit Bull Awareness Victim in English ). This group seeks to generate awareness in the public and pressure on local, state and federal authorities to, for example, put as a rule the sterilization of existing pit bulls to reduce the population and force the owners of these dogs to buy liability insurance ( in English) so they can cover the medical costs of the victims of their attacks. The first night in a hospital after a dog attack can cost about 20 thousand dollars. liability insurance

For its part, the group Bless the Bullys (play on words in English: “blessed are the pitbulls” which could also mean “blessed be the abusers”) defending group of pit bull dogs, seeks to overshadow the initiative of the previous group, launching a campaign the same day, October 22, called ” National Pit Bulls Awareness Day ” (NPBAD for its acronym in English: National Pit Bull Awareness Day). This group maintains that the bad reputation of the pit bulls is only a stereotype and that they only become aggressive when their owners encourage this behavior, since otherwise, they are excellent pets and even an important part of their families. The group also opposes the prohibition of this type of dog, its sterilization and any measure that establishes differences between Pit Bulls and any other breed of dog.


Dog attacks and the law

In the United States, when a dog attacks a person, the law usually holds the owner of the animal responsible. The victim of a dog attack can file a lawsuit against the owner and if the case is successful, it is possible for a lawyer  to help him win financial compensation that covers medical expenses, therapy, pain, suffering and even emotional stress.