How to Protect Your Baby Before Birth

Approximately one out of every 33 children presents lesions at birth, and while not all birth problems are preventable, since some are caused by genetic factors, there are many cases that are caused by errors of parents, doctors, nurses, obstetricians or assistants, and that can be avoided by following proper practices.

The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC, for its acronym in English: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) have expressed themselves in this regard, issuing a series of recommendations for pregnant mothers in order to maximize the chances of giving birth a healthy baby. It is necessary to assume a commitment to lead a healthy life before and during pregnancy, avoiding harmful substances and assuming a healthy lifestyle. Here the most important points of that report.


Act in advance

It is recommended to women who plan to become pregnant, start consuming a dose of 400 micrograms of Vitamin B (folic acid) a day, one month before you start looking for pregnancy. This vitamin helps prevent severe congenital problems of the brain and spine, and can be obtained through supplements or foods rich in folic acid .

It is also advisable to see a doctor periodically from the moment you decide to “order” the baby, to ensure that all the indexes are optimal to conceive. Once conception has occurred, it is important to carry out prenatal care under the direction of a doctor.


Do not consume alcohol

Pregnant women should, in addition, completely stop the intake of alcoholic beverages. The presence of alcohol in the blood of the pregnant mother is transmitted to the baby through the umbilical cord. It has not been established whether or not there is a “safe” dose of alcohol for pregnant women, nor the existence of moments of pregnancy in which the intake of alcohol represents less risk, so it is recommended to eliminate its consumption completely during pregnancy. months of pregnancy.

All types of alcoholic beverages are harmful, including beer and wine, and can result in spontaneous abortion or death of the fetus or embryo. Alcohol in pregnant mothers is also capable of causing physical problems in the baby, learning difficulties, misconduct and intellectual limitations. Therefore, the safest recommendation is to stop the intake of alcohol 100%.


Smoking is a terrible idea

Tobacco, nicotine and tar present very serious risks for a baby in the womb of his mother. Cigarette smoke can be the cause of birth defects in the child, such as cleft lip, cleft palate, and even death, and it is not necessary for the mother to smoke cigarettes: the simple act of breathing smoke of foreign cigarettes puts both the mother and the baby at serious risk.

Therefore, the effort must be shared. Not only is it enough for the mother not to smoke, but it is necessary to keep the house free of cigarette smoke. If you smoke and there is a pregnant mother around you, you could be causing great harm to the baby. Think twice!

Marijuana is another big “no” for pregnant women and the people around them. Marijuana smoke can trigger a premature birth, a low birth weight baby and even more serious birth defects. Like alcohol, a “safe” dose of cannabis is not known, so doctors agree that its use should be stopped, even if the recreational use of marijuana is legal in the state in which you live. . If the pregnant mother used marijuana for medicinal reasons, you should consult your doctor immediately (as soon as you know you are pregnant) so that the mother determines an alternative treatment that does not jeopardize the health of your baby.


Beware of infections

When a pregnant mother suffers an infection, it is likely to be transmitted to the baby, causing birth defects. Pregnant mothers are advised to wash their hands constantly, cook their meats well until they are fully cooked, and stay away from people who have infections.


Other general advice

In the case of diabetic women, it is important to keep the disease under control. If you suffer from diabetes and become pregnant, it is important to talk to your doctor immediately so that the necessary measures are taken to ensure the baby’s health and the mother’s well-being.

Control your weight. Obesity causes serious complications during pregnancy and seriously threatens the life and health of the baby.

If you take medications prescribed by a doctor, and become pregnant, it is important to tell your doctor, so that he / she can decide if it is safe to continue taking the medicines or in any case prescribe a safer alternative.

Most vaccines are safe during pregnancy, and can help prevent problems for both mother and baby. Check with your doctor if you are missing any of the most common vaccines; influenza, measles, chicken pox, mumps, etc.

What to do in the face of a medical error that affects my baby?

When a doctor, nurse, assistant or member of the administrative staff of a medical center fails to comply with the standards established by the medical community and this results in congenital defects or birth injuries, the laws of this country protect the victim.

A wrong prescription, misuse of medical equipment or instruments during delivery, or perhaps poor monitoring of the fetus during pregnancy, or a misdiagnosis of some wrong suffered by the mother may constitute medical malpractice , and you may have a case with Real chances of winning in court.

A medical malpractice lawyer knows how to work with other doctors and health professionals, to establish all the factors present in your case, as well as the options and legal strategies to recover what you lost by order of the judge.

Clarification: This article is not intended to replace the opinion or suggestions of a physician. Please, if you have questions about what kind of tests should be done and about the state of your health, consult a doctor.