The Law Regarding Abusive Bosses & Store Management

The United States is a country where laws are taken seriously. Employers know this, and that is why they tend to be careful when it comes to respecting the rules, although there are exceptions. There are employers and bosses who believe they can get away with it and exploit workers to increase their profits. But beware, if this behavior is discovered, the offending employer must pay for his fault, for the damages caused and more.

It is important to know the rules that govern in this country for what has to do with employment and thus be able to defend our rights. Here we suggest some questions that you can ask yourself to make sure that the Fair Labor Standards Act is being respected, and therefore, your rights.


Extra hours

The main question we suggest to ask is: Am I charging for the extra hours as it corresponds to me? That is 1.5 times what I charge for each of the 40 hours that are not extra.

It is, regrettably, very common that the companies manage to not pay the extra hours as the law indicates. Sometimes the system can be a little confusing, that’s why we insist: For example, if you charge $10 per hour, you will have $ 10 for each of the 40 hours you work in a week. But if you work more than 40 hours in a week, all those hours that go beyond 40 per week, should be paid $15.


More questions

Other questions you can ask yourself to make sure your rights are being respected are: Is my employer paying me an amount equal to or greater than the federal minimum wage of $ 7.25 per hour? Are my rights related to tips and minimum wages being respected? Is the norm of equality in payment between men and women met?


Steps to follow

If, when reviewing these fundamental points of the Fair Labor Standards Act, you notice that your boss is violating any of these standards, it is important to act with care and have professional help.

In the event that your employer has violated or is violating any of the standards established by the Fair Labor Standards Act and your rights, you may be able to obtain compensation.