Compensation Rights You Should Know as a Worker

In the United States, the majority of workers in the most demanding and dangerous industries are Latinos. This means that they are required, sick, injured and die at work more frequently than any other group.

In this country, there are certain rights and laws that apply to all industries and all jobs, such as: minimum wage, overtime, security, as well as the Workers ‘ Compensation ( Workers Compensation English). It is about the latter that information is provided in this article.


Workers Compensation

Also called Workers’ Compensation, Compensation, Amends or Compensation, it is insurance that employers pay in the United States to cover medical expenses and other costs in the event that an employee suffers an accident or injury while working.

When it comes to accidents at work, all immigrants, whether they have a work permit or a green card, or not, have the right to receive coverage by Social Security through accident insurance ( accident insurance ) that will cover the costs of treatment and / or subsequent medical care related to the incident.

Most of the time, an employee can receive compensation for an injury that occurred at work. Depending on the case and state laws, an employee may even receive compensation beyond workers’ compensation benefits, including medical expenses, disability, loss of income, and even pain and suffering.

It is important to note that, by law, an employer can not take action against an employee who files a complaint or complaint. That is, he can not dismiss him, relegate him to a lower position or discriminate against him for having sued him. It is illegal.

The rights of workers apply to employees of all industries, be it construction, cleaning, beauty, services, customer service, or any other.


Construction workers

The United States is a country that has been built by immigrants, and today it is the turn of Latino immigrants. Figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS English: Bureau of Labor Statistics ) indicate that almost one third (27.3%) of all construction workers in the country are Hispanic or Latino.

What happens if you or a loved one is injured working in construction? Depending on the type of accident and the circumstances in which the misfortune / setback occurred, there are several legal ways to receive compensation after an injury suffered at the job site. The most important ones are: Workers’ Compensation, Demand for Personal Injury and Demand for Defective Products.


Workers of the gastronomic sector

Of the nearly 300 million people who live in the United States, one in 12 works in the restaurant industry. Of this figure, about a quarter are Hispanic. As the famous chef Anthony Bourdain recently said, immigrants are the “backbone” of that industry, and without them the entire industry “would collapse.”

Unfortunately, this industry also commits many abuses and infractions that do not respect  labor rights. It is an industry in which accidents at work are frequent. The working hours are usually long, without rest, and during working hours the fire and sharp elements such as knives and peelers are manipulated. It is usual to work in closed spaces where there is often a lack of ventilation.


Cleaning workers

Many members of our Hispanic communities earn a living working in domestic chores or cleaning hotel rooms throughout the United States. Despite the great responsibility placed in their hands and the tremendous dedication they offer in service to millions of American families and tourists from around the world, the treatment received in return is often unfair.

The most common accidents in this industry include falls and slips. On many occasions, employers do not provide employees with the necessary elements to carry out their work comfortably and effectively, such as ladders, or extensions, and workers often end up doing tricks to complete assigned tasks.

Remember, it does not matter what industry you or any of your people work in, it does not matter your immigration status, Worker’s Compensation is everyone’s right.

After an accident at work, pain, stress and confusion can make our reactions difficult. It is also true that when one does not know the laws and procedures, everything gets even more complicated.