Valspar Paint Could Cause Damage To Your House Due To It’s Defects

According to recent reports and complaints from users, the Valspar brand exterior paint could be defective, causing deformation, bubbles and discoloration on the vinyl coatings that are usually on the outside of houses.

If your vinyl siding was damaged as a result of using this paint, you could participate in a class action lawsuit that our attorneys are pursuing and receive compensation for the losses, expenses and damages incurred.


What is Valspar exterior paint?

It is a painting produced by The Valspar Corporation. This product is sold in large chains nationwide as Lowe’s and Ace, among many others. While paint manufacturers provide a lifetime guarantee and promote the product as durable, our research suggests that this paint would cause severe damage to vinyl siding.


What are the problems with the exterior paint brand Valspar?

The Valspar Corporation advertises this product ensuring that it provides extraordinary coverage and protection, in addition to offering customers a lifetime guarantee. Even so, consumers have filed complaints, including proofs, of how this paint fails in a short period of time, damaging vinyl coverages.

Some of the complaints presented by consumers have been: deformation of the vinyl structure, bubbles in the vinyl coverage and peeling of the paint shortly after being applied.


Is there a call for review by the company?

The Valspar Corporation has not ruled on the matter or made any kind of call for review. This does not mean that consumers are not entitled to compensation for the costs of repair, replacement, or lost time. If you purchased Valspar exterior paint, you may have the right to recover what you are entitled to through a lawsuit.


What do I do if I have used Valspar exterior paint?

If you used outdoor paint in your home and believe that the paint you purchased has been defective, document everything. Keep your purchase ticket and take pictures. This documentation will be essential if you want to participate in the class action against the company.


What would be my benefits of participating in a collective action of these characteristics?

By participating in a proceeding of this kind against Valspar, you may be entitled to receive compensation to remove or replace the damaged vinyl coverage. The compensation could include replacement expenses, the cost of coverage and additional damages, such as loss of enjoyment and your house in good condition.