New Laws Have Been Enacted To Protect Drivers & Pedestrians

One of the greatest dramas of modern life is represented by the combination of alcohol intake and driving a vehicle. In the United States, the consequences of being discovered by authorities driving with alcohol in the blood are very serious. Beyond the law and anywhere in the world, driving a vehicle having drunk is a threat to life.


After an accident

To suffer an automobile accident, in case of not causing death, could leave us physically and / or psychologically damaged. It is important to know how to proceed with an event of these characteristics. When a situation of these happens, there is no time to learn. Find out today by clicking here.


Driving in flooded areas

It is a matter that is not talked about much but to which we must pay special attention. Every driver must know how to proceed in a flood situation in case of driving a vehicle. Having information will help the driver, the other drivers, pedestrians, and even the vehicle itself. If you want to know more, we suggest you read this post.


Driving in the rain

Also of utmost importance, having the skill and knowledge necessary to drive while it rains or during a storm, will help us to prevent accidents and thus take care of ourselves and our families. To know everything you need in case you have to drive during a rainy day or in full storm, click on this link.


Distracted driving

One of the main causes of traffic accidents today. Being distracted behind the wheel can have fatal consequences for both the driver and all occupants of the vehicle. During the last years, the habit of looking at our cell phones while driving has increased and with it the danger. Get more information by reading here.



Despite the proven fact that the use of a seatbelt is the difference between dying and surviving in the event of a traffic accident, there are still people today who do not meet this requirement. In this post you will find all the necessary information about the use of this security device that has saved millions of lives and families.


Failed vehicles

It happens, although it is hard to believe, that many cars leave the factory failed. There are numerous examples, such as the Dodge Journey, the Ford Focus, the Dodge Charger and the Ford Fiesta, to name but a few. There are also cases in which certain parts of the car, which are essential for safety such as the airbag, do not work as they should, putting at risk the lives of all the occupants of the vehicle. It is important to know your rights as a consumer, your life could be at risk; Know them by clicking on this link.


Drive responsibly

Being in charge of a motor vehicle, be it a motorcycle, a car or a truck, represents an immense responsibility. It is important to know the traffic rules that govern this country and the state in which you are, as well as driving lucid, without being tired or under the influence of alcohol or any other substance. It is also essential to have our driver’s license in good standing and in force.