What To Do If You Slip or Fall Over? Compensation is Available

First of all, make sure the sole of your shoes is in good condition. There are also shoes designed especially for rain and snow, with non-slip soles that provide greater stability. If you walk a lot on the street in these times, it could be worth it to invest in this type of footwear.


Look where you walk

Although it sounds obvious, a lot of accidents happen because of not paying attention. Distracting elements such as cell phones make the situation worse, with people even walking while texting or checking social networks. In these times, a distraction of this kind could cost us dearly and prevent us from enjoying the end of the year celebrations. Pay attention!


Go at a prudent speed

Going in a hurry not only prevents us from paying attention but it can make the fall much worse if we slip or stumble. What could have been just a scare or a bruise could result in a fracture, bruise or dislocation. Let’s go carefully!


If you do not have another, walk with technique

Ideally, avoid going on foot on slippery surfaces, but sometimes it is inevitable. When this happens, it is necessary to walk leaving more space between the feet (about 30 centimeters) and bending the knees slightly to lower our center of gravity. It is also a good idea to open your arms for greater stability. Remember, even if it seems comical, how the penguins walk on the ice. Nature is wise!


If you detect a dangerous situation, report the situation

If you detect a latent danger, such as a puddle, a spill or an area that could cause an accident, do not keep it and notify a person in charge to correct the situation. Remember that something terrible can happen in seconds and someone could see their life affected forever. Let’s be considerate and think about our neighbor.


Did you suffer a fall that could have been avoided?

If the scene of the accident was the result of negligence, it is quite possible that you can claim compensation for damages. This applies in the event that the slip and fall have occurred on a private property, such as a supermarket or a restaurant, or in the case of a place run by local authorities, such as a sidewalk or a municipal building. It is the duty and responsibility of the staff to ensure a place free from hazards that could be avoided and not expose people to a slip and / or fall.

Pointing out responsible for these accidents, however, is not always an easy task. There are accidents that occur even if the appropriate measures have been taken or due to negligence and carelessness of ourselves. It is necessary to evaluate each situation in detail to be able to establish a cause-effect relationship between the fall and carelessness or negligence on the part of the people in charge of the place.