How Do You Claim Compensation For Slipping or Falling?

A slip and fall can be the cause of serious and painful injuries, and the doctor’s bills and therapy can be very expensive, affecting the family budget. Fortunately, in the United States, the laws protect victims of this type of accident when the conditions that led to it were someone’s responsibility. In a previous article we saw how an Alabama woman, for example, managed to get the Dollar General store to pay her 1.7 million dollars after suffering a slip and fall that caused permanent damage injuries.

While the legal system of this country works quite well, many people stay without claiming their rights simply because they do not know what steps to take after suffering an accident. In this article we have divided the procedure into 5 simple steps to be able to file a successful claim and increase your chances of earning compensation, recovering your medical expenses, therapy costs, lost wages, and more.


1. Get medical attention

Health is always first. Many times, injuries sustained after a fall are not evident and can be complicated later if medical attention is not received on time. From the legal point of view, in addition, it is very important to have medical reports that document the type of injuries that you have suffered and that serve as support when presenting the claim to the authorities. Get noticed by your doctor immediately and do not wait to see what happens the next day, as things could get worse.


2. Let the owners or managers of the place know

After suffering a fall and receiving proper medical attention, it is important that the people in charge of the place where you acidentó know what happened: the manager of the store, the owner of the property, the landlord, or whoever is in charge. Ask this person to document what happened in a report, and request a copy for you. Also note the names and positions of the people who talk to you.


3. Take photographs

Use your camera to document the exact place where you suffered the fall, making evident, if possible, the conditions that caused the accident: holes, spills, broken carpets, obstacles, worn stairs, or whatever. It is very important to have this evidence, since the conditions that made it possible to fall could change, making it difficult to prove that the accident was the fault of the people in charge.


4. Save the evidence

The shoes and clothes that you were using at the time of your fall will serve you later when the authorities investigate your case to determine the compensation. Therefore, it is highly recommended to keep them in a safe place.


5. Contact a lawyer

A professional with experience in slip and fall cases is the best way to ensure fair results.