7 Tips To Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Driving a motorcycle on the road for many is a unique and fun experience. However, we cannot ignore and forget that it can also be a VERY dangerous situation. People traveling by motorcycle are exposed to cars and heavy vehicles. In addition, motorcycles are less visible and stable than cars. Although difficult, there are ways to avoid motorcycle accidents.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the cases of motorcyclist deaths * were more than 26 times the number of fatalities from car accidents. Similarly, car drivers are the leading cause of fatal motorcycle accidents.

These statistics are alarming, especially in certain states that experience an increase in the case of deaths from motorcycle accidents. In Tennessee, for example, there was an almost 25 percent increase in motorcycle deaths this year compared to last year.

IIHS says that 62 percent of 2014 motorcyclist deaths nationwide occurred during the period from May to September. This means that the high season for motorcyclists is during warm weather, which increases the chances of accidents on the road.


Tips on how to avoid motorcycle accidents

To avoid motorcycle accidents, here are some tips that may be useful. If you are a rookie or experienced motorcyclist, try to follow them for your safety, that of your loved ones and the community.


  1. If you get on a motorcycle, get sober

Statistics show that there are more risks of fatal accidents when motorcyclists ride on intoxicated roads. Never ride a motorcycle under the influence of alcohol or other toxic substances. To avoid motorcycle accidents make sure you are completely sober and under control of your senses.


  1. Avoid driving on highways

Most accidents between cars and motorcycles occur on highways. This according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ( NHTSA * ). If you have to move along a highway and see that it is available on it, make use of the lane for vehicles with multiple passengers (HOV) that is open to motorcyclists and has less car traffic. If you want to avoid motorcycle accidents, a good plan is to stay away from cars.


  1. Drive at a safe speed and in accordance with the weather

Consider the weather in which you mobilize to control the speed of your motorcycle. A good motorcyclist must adjust to the weather, terrain and road conditions. Roads with snow or wet roads, for example, can be especially dangerous to ride a motorcycle. Caution is an essential tool to avoid motorcycle accidents


  1. Lower the motorcycle speed by taking a curve

Driving at full speed can arouse a liberating sensation, especially on a motorcycle. But, doing so is VERY dangerous, especially if you are about to take a curve. If you reduce the speed before a curve you can anticipate and cross it correctly. Keep in mind that if a car or other motorcycle comes in the opposite direction, you can dodge them more easily.


  1. Maintain your motorcycle or buy a new one

You probably love the classic Harley from your grandfather’s collection. But it may be safer to invest in a new motorcycle¬† to avoid motorcycle accidents. Today, motorcycles are equipped with safety devices that were previously used only in the manufacture of cars. There are now motorcycle models that come with airbags and advanced braking systems. These provide additional security for motorcyclists. Research the safety system of your motorcycle before going on the road during the high season.

Extra tip: Before leaving the route, verify that your motorcycle is in good condition. For example, make sure the lights and indicators are working.


  1. Always wear the safety helmet

Currently, 31 states do NOT have laws on the use of motorcycle safety helmets. If your state rules do not force you to use it, use it the same. This could not prevent a motorcycle accident, but if I could protect it in the event of an accident. Remember that the safety helmet is designed to protect you, especially in cases of accidents. It has been shown that wearing a helmet is 37 percent effective in preventing motorcyclist deaths and 67 percent in preventing brain injury after a collision or fall..


  1. Take motorcycle safety training courses

Many states and municipalities offer free or low-cost courses on how to drive a motorcycle safely. They offer tips for moving safely along the road, tips on accident prevention and what to do after a motorcycle accident. If you are a novice motorcyclist, we advise you to take these types of courses immediately. Check your state’s official website to see if they currently offer programs with this type of training. A timely way to avoid motorcycle accidents is to have the proper education on how to handle them. A timely way to avoid motorcycle accidents is to have the proper education on how to handle them.